How to Kill Your Clone

This commercial by the Clone Killer Corporation explains that although there are many benefits to having a clone of yourself, sometimes the clone crosses the line and needs to be killed. Watching out for sinister clones, and telling you apart from your clone, are also discussed.

(5 minutes)

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  1. mandy delores desjardins on December 25, 2021 at 8:15 am

    I need some help. ive been trying to contact neil armstrong of nasa for a long time. If he is still alive in your world, please tell him its Minxx, im still alive, we are being hidden by clones who walk around as us and our family members and friends, its genocide, insanity, torment. There is no place to turn, we are confined with little or no memory of who we are, where we came from and what to do. They wont let us out. Im purple twirl the human girl, the last prophet, the messiah. …healer, fountain of youth, alchemist, power of the mind, medium. Im a transition point for souls, I reside where the living and the dead co exist and the ones in charge, pretending to be me and others of great power and importance, are pure evil, hidding within and behind the lights of the divine, the starseeds, the indigos. Wolves in sheep clothing. We are being tormented
    mandy delores desjardins 613 777 7381. 606 paul crescent. #1 . Hawkesbury ontario, canada, earth (supposibly) k6a 3t8. Im still waiting for Gunther..s.i.n # 274 177 625. Facebook- [email protected]…some of us are not able to end it on ourselves, nothing kills us. Immortals…

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